Health And Safety Concerns

On the job training is part of every manager’s job. But some managers aren’t aware that adults learn differently to children. Being aware just how adults learn can markedly improve the quality of on job training. In broad terms, children learn by being told. Adults learn by doing. Ensure that your on job training has a strong emphasis on practical action rather than theory and telling. Adults do not need to know “why” in order to learn and practice skills. Few drivers know how a reciprocating engine works. It’s the engine that powers your car. You don’t need to know how it works in order to drive well. Make sure that the training is relatable to the field you’re working in. For example, if you work in construction, you may need job training for being able to work at heights.

In an elegant experiment some important training factors were identified which have relevance to on-the-job training. In a manufacturing plant there was the need to develop unskilled and untrained staff but there was some indecision over the most appropriate method to use. Eventually it was decided that it was worthwhile trying something different. Under normal circumstances a group of staff would be given initial training and then given a target to achieve.

Adult trainees want to be certain that on job training meets their perceived needs. Before commencing instruction, make sure that you and the trainee are agreed that the training will satisfy the needs they believe they have. You can guarantee proper training by providing a certificate in health and safety.

All the employees are covered by laws on workplace safety. If you feel, you have met with an accident due to the fault of someone, you can approach an accident claims solicitor. They can provide you the necessary guidance on making a claim. If you have suffered any kind of physical disability due to an injury at the workplace, you have the right to make a claim. Typically as the employer you are interested in workplace safety either due to some government or corporate regulation or because you want to save money on workers comp claims. As an employee, you are interested in doing what is required to keep your job with the least effort that will produce acceptable results.