Cat Stereotypes That Simply Aren’t True

If you have been lucky enough to own cats during your lifetime, you know they are magical creatures that can bring great joy to your life. However, as weird as it sounds, cats also have negative connotations for certain people. Here are three of them and why they are simply not true:

Black Cats are Not Evil and Do Not Bring Bad Luck

This is probably the number one stereotype when it comes to cats. While black cats were considered lucky in some parts of the world, that was not true in North America, where they were often viewed with scorn and even fear. This is simply an unfounded superstition that has caused many perfectly social able cats to be left behind or even killed. In fact, black cats are among the best-behaved types of domestic felines.

Cats Harm Children

Here is another foolish superstition. Some believe the old wives’ tale that cats steal sleeping children’s breath, slowly draining them of life. The truth is that dogs are infinitely more likely to harm kids. This is not necessarily a sign that this form of pet is unsuitable for young ones, but more likely such behavior is the result of neglect and other forms of abuse.

A cat might scratch or bite a child, but again, this is almost certainly the result of an act of abuse.

Cats are Not Sociable

Cats falling under this heading are this way because they were not socialized during the critical early stages of life (usually 3-16 weeks) which can profoundly influence future behavior. Feral cats qualify here, but kittens raised amongst humans (and receiving positive interaction with them) almost always display highly social tendencies.

This is not to say that your cat will never want to be alone. However, the thought that they hate people and would prefer not to be around us is certainly not true.

What to Do If Politics Come Up Over the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful way to reconnect with friends and relatives, and a great time is usually had by all. There are a few things that can derail Christmas, however, and politics is definitely one of them. America is in an incredibly divisive place at the moment, and politics is usually at the heart of these disagreements. Relatives berating each other over their political views is not pleasant at any time of the year, but especially unfortunate during the Yuletide season.

You can lay down a politics ban at Christmas, if you want. However, if the subject does still come up, here’s what you can do:

Encourage Everyone to be Open Minded

One of the downsides of social media is that people can easily cocoon themselves in discussions that only include others who agree with them. Thus, dismissal of the opposite side is now almost an automatic reaction, and being open-minded has become a challenge for some.

If you have attendees on opposite sides of the political spectrum and the conversation is starting to turn sour, politely suggest that everyone take the time to consider each viewpoint.

Have the Political Discussions Before the Drinks

Alcohol has a way of loosening people up which can make for a good time. Unfortunately, it can also cause people to lose their inhibitions to the point where common sense and decorum also disappear. That can cause a simple conversation to degenerate into name calling and yelling. If at all possible, suggest that everyone put politics behind them by a certain point in the day, and then serve the drinks.

Try to Keep Certain People Apart

This is not a particularly desirable alternative, but you might have to, should problems continue.

Not in Front of the Children

Another last-ditch strategy. It may not stop the arguing, but it might at least tone down the language people use.

Do You Have Anxiety Problems?

Anxiety is a normal part of life and tends to pass without causing many difficulties. However, for some people, anxiety can create major issues that lower their quality of life. This problem can be so severe that it causes them great mental and physical strain that can lead to breakdowns and sometimes even suicide.

Here are some things that you can try if you are dealing with anxiety problems. However, first and foremost, consider seeing a therapist. They will speak with you about the problems you are experiencing and come up with ways that can specifically address this situation. Professionals are also in a position to determine whether medication might be a good fit for you.


We all know how important exercise is when it comes to our physical health, but did you know that physical activity is also a good way to boost your mental health? Exercise creates endorphins, which act as “feel-good” chemicals for your brain, giving you a natural high and improving your mood. This helps to take your mind off of whatever is making you anxious.

Cut back on your alcohol consumption

Alcohol may seem to calm you down in the present moment, but it acts as a depressant so the relief you get is not good for you and does not last very long. In fact, for some people, alcohol can actually heighten anxiety.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine may help to get your brain going in the morning, but in doing so, it also heightens your anxiety. Try to get a good night’s sleep and find other ways to increase your mental alertness that do not involve caffeine consumption.

Avoid people and situations that make you anxious

As the title of this section says, prevention is sometimes the best cure. While not always possible, avoiding the triggers that boost your anxiety can make a major positive difference.

Beware of the Hot Water Challenge

The internet has been responsible for starting all manner of trends, some very positive and some not so. Among the most troubling in the latter category is the Hot Water Challenge, where people are dared to drink boiling water. While any reasonably intelligent adult would recognize that this is a very bad idea, children do not yet have such reasoning powers and that has already led to tragedy.

Eight year-old Florida native Ki’ari Pope accepted a challenge to drink boiling water through a straw. This dare was inspired by a social media video that Pope and a cousin had just watched. The child drank a large gulp of the scalding liquid, burning her mouth and throat, and losing the ability to talk. Pope suffered complications for months afterward before developing problems breathing two weeks ago. She lapsed into unconsciousness and died shortly after on July 31st.

This leads to the inevitable question of access: should children be kept off of the internet until they have reached a certain age? Parents know that it is largely impossible to police what children do online, so education seems to be the only other alternative. That means talking to your kids about what they are doing online, discussing the latest “challenges” that are appearing, and trying to stay ahead of the game.

Most would not find that advice to be very encouraging, but there appears to be little else to do at the moment. Many parents will say that they are already busy enough, but tragedy, such as the one that hit the Pope family, will leave you scarred forever. Take the time to make sure your children understand that just because they see something online or on TV or in a movie, that doesn’t mean it is safe for them to do in real life.

A-z About Divemaster Course

PADI is a well known name among the diving lovers. This stands for Professional Association for Diving Instructors. It offers a large number of courses to the scuba diving lovers. These are internationally recognized. The courses are perfect to make the wonderful career in the area of diving. You can make the career in a number of fields. You can become involved in the following fields after doing the course. rov tether cable.

PADI Divemaster: A number of individuals like to become the dive master. The PADI divemaster is valued throughout the world. Becoming PADI divemaster Phuket is the dream of a large number of people. Phuket is an island in Thailand and is among the most popular diving spots in world. A large number of people visit here every year to enjoy and learn scuba diving. If you become the divemaster in Phuket, you’ll not only get a good career but will also get your skills enhanced. Time to time, distinct diving expeditions are sent inside the water. In those expeditions, you have time to explore a new world underneath the water. A lot of divemasters are required of the other parties of Thailand and world also apart from Phuket.

Let’s take a step back

Marine Researchers: Exploring the mysteries of nature is a hobby of a large number of people in the current scenario. If you’re also among them, so you can go for the marine research. You are also required to do the degree or diploma courses. These teach you about the marine life. The scuba diving courses are likewise essential to consider the waters. Here also, PADI courses prove to be best for you. As we already mentioned, these courses are internationally recognized. In many of these requirements also, you learn a great deal about the marine life. While doing the courses, you’re also taken to the diving trips to the local sites as-well-as international sites.

Ship Repair: This is also a project in which diving knowledge is essential and here also scuba PADI training is intended to be the best. But, of course, the extra knowledge of PADI is also obliged to you for accomplishing this purpose.

Upon Further Consideration…

Underwater Welding and Construction: With the advancement in technologies, underwater welding and construction are also in the image in the present scenario. These are the fields, where the scuba divers can try. Here also, PADI divers can achieve good heights. In this also, you’re required some additional qualifications of welding or construction.

Diving Instructor in Schools, Colleges and Diving Institutions: There are a number of diving institutions throughout the world. Besides, the diving courses are available in many schools and colleges also. You can be the diving instructor at these places. If you have done a course from PADI and you have enough experience in this art, then you’re given the priority.

PADI Instructor: You can get the honour of becoming a PADI instructor by doing the courses from PADI.

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Loan To Start-Up Your Business

Everyone’s doing it, so why can’t you? Getting a loan these days seem to be a financial norm. This is specifically useful in starting out a new business venture, especially if your are not that ready with the capital, yet. However, majority of the business downfall happened because of mismanagement of loans. With this, it is crucial to know your options well, to make sure that loan you are getting into is something you can manage both in the short-term and long term.

Loaning for business

What are the types of loan I can avail?

If you are looking into starting your own business, there are different types of loan you can get. The most common loan for start-up business is the long-term loan. This loan is paid monthly, and it gives a bigger amount with lower interest. It is perfect for stable business or businesses with a strong growth plan. If you are not yet comfortable to commit to a long-term financing, there is also a short-term loan. Unlike the long-term loan, this is to be paid at the end of the agreed term. It is usually used in short term plan like building up the inventory of a business.

Alternative financing is a type of loan that can be used to start your own small business. The downside with this is it has a much higher interest rate. Lastly, there is the Line of Credit. Here, instead of receiving a big amount of money, the borrower can receive a certain amount little by little. This can be used if there is a slight need of money in the business. The problem with this kind of loan is the high interest rate and fees. Business Loan Application

Other options are the open-ended and close-ended loans. Open-ended loans is the type of loan that can be borrowed over and over again. The common example of this is the credit card, wherein you only need to pay a certain amount in order to borrow money again. On the other hand, the close-ended loans can only be used once. Student loan, mortgage loan and car loan are major example if this type of loan. You need to apply for another loan once you have completed the payment for the previous one.

There is also the secured and unsecured loan. In secured loan, the borrower needs to have a collateral. But this kind of loan has a lower interest rate. While the unsecured loan doesn’t demand any collateral. Lenders would only rely on the credit history of the borrower, but this type of loan has a much higher interest rate than the secured loan.