Discovery Place In Charlotte NC

It only takes one visit for the visitors to fall in love with the Queen City and they decide right away to move there for good. There are a lot of stuff that makes us fall in love in a city that can push us right away to move immediately. It may be the captivating culture, friendly residents, impressive economy, and the opportunities it can offer. These qualities aren’t common and not most city that we like has these but in Charlotte, NC, these are their strongest qualities.

Teachers and program developers recognize the need for enriching experiences at the preschool level. Students at this age have very limited opportunities to study the world around them. The Bright Beginnings Program hopes to change that. By exposing children to new and different things, program developers believe that they can strengthen student vocabulary, a skill that they hope will carry over when the students learn to read. While many of these new experiences occur in the classroom, Bright Beginnings also encourages students with field trips to local learning centers, such as Discovery Place and ImaginOn.


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