The Charm Of Southern Hospitality

Impressing a client by taking them to a restaurant and plying them with wine is no more an acceptable way of attempting to win friends and influence people. That particular form of schmoosing has been well and truly consigned to the ashcan of history. Nowadays potential customers expect something a bit different and whatever you choose is a reflection on you and what your business has to offer then, it’s vital you make the right decision.

Housing an impressive ten function rooms, VIP suites, 150 executive boxes, and a health club, guests at the stage have a chance to really savor the atmosphere. The suites and executive boxes offer superb views of match action. The services available to hospitality ticket holders make the whole day extra special.

Talking About Southern Hospitality..

The field of corporate hospitality has increased in recent years to take account of the need for individual and sometimes bizarre requests that companies are making when it is a question of impressing customers. One of the most popular is Rugby Hospitality. Since becoming a professional sport in 1996 every appearance of the sport has improved and as a consequence it has become as popular as football and cricket. You are going to love this, online applications for fast approval payday loans in Atanta.

Playing standards have improved and a new breed of athlete has arisen in the rugby world. Players are now fitter, stronger and faster. As a consequence of the level of play on the pitch has achieved a level it could once only dream of. Many people now regard the game as the most entertaining in the world.

Attendances have risen, facilities have vastly improved and the game has stepped into the 21st century with renewed vigor and potential. It’s no wonder that many companies are now looking at Rugby Hospitality as a way to impress clients.

Rugby Hospitality also has a factor inherent in it that several other sports don’t possess. The public’s consciousness hasn’t become saturated with the sport or stale due to over exposure. It still retains that special quality that gives it the edge over other sporting events; exclusivity.

Of course there are weekly games that offer Rugby Hospitality and they’re proving to be increasingly popular due to the Success that British and Irish teams are having in the European Cup. Top teams like Bath and Leicester are able to attract big foreign names as well which increases attendance and ups the entertainment value.

But it’s perhaps since the 2003 World Cup in Sydney when England famously won the World Cup with a Johnny Wilkinson drop goal that the Rugby Hospitality market has really gone through the stratosphere. International rugby matches have never been so popular.

Rugby matches regularly take place between southern and northern hemisphere sides; New Zealand South Africa and Australia are regular visitors to the British Isles and there is fierce rivalry between the two camps. Beating a southern hemisphere side is seen as a huge achievement by any team and tickets for such games are difficult to come by.

One of the attractions of looking at Rugby Hospitality as a way of promoting your business is that these tickets become easier to get hold of as they’re one of a package deal. The fact that you’re able to obtain such tickets can only reflect well on your business.

Next but by no means second in the area of prestige there is the Six Nations. The annual competition between England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy never fails to impress. The talent on display in a number of these matches is the better in the world and part of the encounters take on legendary status.

There’s no better way to impress a potential customer than giving them an occasion to see history being made. That’s often what you get with a Six Nations Game.

With a number of different events and packages available Rugby Hospitality is a great way to impress clients and gain an edge over your competitors.

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