Why This Clean and Safe Silicone Bong Mouthpiece Is Awesome and Important

Cannabis is better when people consume it together. It has always been that way. Social consumption has been a central part of its usage thousands of years, all the way back to its use as a medicinal and spiritual tool by our prehistoric ancestors.

Many people still use cannabis for medical and spiritual purposes today; for others, it’s a way to bond and commiserate.

I never really appreciated this until I basically stopped drinking. I say ‘basically’ because I still drink very occasionally under limited circumstances, but for the most part I avoid it, knowing that I can no longer do so responsibly. Point is, cannabis achieves much the same purpose as alcohol in social situations, but without the looming Damocles of dependence.

But there is dimension to social smoking that doesn’t really exist with social drinking: sharing. Rarely do friends and acquaintances share a beer or a glass of wine outside the realm of drinking games, but puff-puff-pass is an intrinsic and valuable component of social smoking that adds another layer of togetherness.

That’s why preach the virtues of this clean and safe silicone bong mouthpiece called the Mouthpeace, the premise of which is to allow someone to participate in a smoking session without sharing the other participants’ germs.

Moose Labs, the company behind the Mouthpeace (and other bong pieces for cannabis use), pushes the product in a tongue-in-cheek way. Sharing a joint with a stranger is like kissing a stranger! Always practice safe sesh. It’s true, but for some people, it’s also fairly serious business.

When I first encountered the Mouthpeace, my thoughts immediately jumped to an old friend of mine: a generous social smoker who delights in sharing and introducing people to weird strains. But also, someone who is frequently immune-compromised to the point that they cannot even take public transit without respiratory protection.

During those times, smoking becomes a solitary activity designed to combat the medication’s appetite-suppressant effects. Sharing a joint at that point is unthinkable; it’s just not worth the risk.

The Mouthpeace wasn’t around when we were close, or at least I didn’t know about it. But I often think of that old friend when I use it, and wonder if it could help them relax and unwind with their friends when times are tough.

We don’t talk anymore; things came between us. But I’ve gifted a Mouthpeace or two to our mutual friends, so maybe they’ll learn of it someday. Maybe it’ll help.

I hope plenty of other people will discover it and benefit the same way.

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